Our History

jody troverTROVERCO's longevity is a testament to our founder Joseph "Jody" Trover.

Troverco began as a franchise in 1959 under the name Lakeshire Sandwiches. The company specialized in freshly-prepared sandwich delivery to businesses wanting to serve tasty food without the overhead that a kitchen and a cook would entail. In 1966, Joseph "Jody" Trover, a driver for the company at the time, purchased the East St. Louis, Illinois operation and changed the name to Landshire, Inc. That year he instituted a new program providing affordable lunches for students.
In a four year time span, Jody converted a modest two route operation into a viable business through hard work, perseverance, quality, service, and innovation. Today, Jody's character defines the attitude at Troverco, as it has grown into a family-owned business that has expanded its territory with over 95 routes to cover most of the Midwest, and a national wholesale program that brings delicious products to people throughout the United States.



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