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customer testimonialTracy L. and her family were on a deadline to reach their driving destination fast.  "Before we left our home, I checked and we didn't have everything I'd need to make sandwiches, nor did I have the time. I really don't like feeding my family fast food. We found a quick service mart near the highway. They had Landshire's Wedge sandwiches...which saved the day. Not only were the Landshire sandwiches ready-to-eat and inexpensive, they tasted great! My family was satisfied and we could keep the car moving."

- Tracy L.



customer testimonial"I had a tournament for only 40 people. On small golf tournaments it is hard to figure out food options for the group. Landshire’s new box lunches have been a fantastic option for me here at Yorktown Golf Club. The meal is complete with a sandwich, chip and dessert. All I had to provide was the drink, which I carry here anyway. Thanks Landshire for making my job a little easier so now I can focus on the tournament and not the food!"  

- Scott B.




customer testimonial"My wife and I like to take our family on daytime float trips. A recent trip was unplanned. Leaving spur of the moment, we decided to stop at WalMart to fill our cooler. We found a variety of different Landshire sandwiches to choose from. My wife opted for tuna salad, my kids - the ham and cheese, and me - the roast beef and turkey with pepper jack cheese. Then we picked chicken/pepperoni/salami with cheese to snack on for the drive home. The convenience of Landshire's sandwiches allowed me to focus on my family and our day together."

- Elliott K.


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