Our Fresh Process


How can a frozen sandwich taste so fresh? By carefully following these important steps, Landshire discovered the secret to the unbelievably fresh taste of our products. We begin with fresh, daily-baked breads. Next, the finest ingredients are added: lean cuts of meat, farm-fresh sausage, and authentic cheeses. Nothing but fresh! 

This freshness is captured as we make and package every sandwich. How? Our products are made under refrigerated and sanitized conditions to preserve flavor and freshness. These sandwiches are then immediately packaged and sealed in a three-layer barrier film, which protects the products from any outside contaminants. The flavor is locked in and the freshness is frozen in place. All the ingredients are kept fresh and ready for flavors to be unlocked.

We are so confident in our products that we are the ONLY sandwich company that guarantees that you’ll be completely satisfied with our product or your money back. Click here to view "The Menu."

the fresh process

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